Brazilian Arts Center: Glau Santana & Mestre Esquilo

David Solis Olson
June 8, 2014
ArteSanos de la Palabra
June 8, 2014
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Brazilian Arts Center: Glau Santana & Mestre Esquilo

Brazilian Arts Center


The Brazilian Arts Center is a school that brings a bit of Brazil to the Carolinas. It offers Capoeira classes for adults and children, Brazilian Dances, and music.

Mestre Esquilo, Bruno Antonio de Araujo Melo, started training capoeira at the age of 10. He has been adamantly dedicated to the art of Capoeira for 23 years. Mestre Esquilo travels the world extensively sharing his knowledge and passion for Capoeira and related Brazilian Arts. He has been to Israel, Germany, England, France, Spain, Egypt, Russia, Turkey, Argentina and Colombia amongst other countries.

Mestre Esquilo has been a professor of Capoeira for 17 years and a Mestre for four years. He was awarded the rank of Mestre in 2010 by his master, Mestre Suassuna. Today Mestre Esquilo lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is the only capoeirista holding this rank in North Carolina. Bruno has also served the community of Charlotte through exhibitions at art galleries, workshops with universities, and service projects with afterschool programs for under resourced public schools.

Mestre Esquilo and Glau Santana are now here in the U.S.A., Charlotte NC, and have formed the group “Just Brazil” – through which they hope to bring even more Brazilian culture to USA.

The group offers Capoeira and dances such as Forro’, Samba, Afro Samba, among others.



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