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ArteSanos de la Palabra

ArteSanos de la Palabra


The group ArteSanos de la Palabra brings together six poets seeking a vehicle for artistic and writing support.

In the city of Charlotte in December 31st, New Year’s Eve of 2012, José Vázquez feels compelled to connect several poets with the purpose of starting a literary group.

Everyone accepts the invitation and ArteSanos de la Palabra is born. The group includes the Colombians Kurma Murraín from Bogotá, Cielo Ramírez from Pereira,
Claudia Quijano-Tourn from Cali; the Mexicans Patricia Atilano from Ciudad Valles, José Vázquez from Matamoros; and Venezuelan Irania Macías Patterson from Caracas.

Their new book The Fragrance of Water/ La Fragancia del Agua, is a literary prose written in Spanish and translated from Spanish to English by Kurma Murrain. This literary work narrates the hermeneutic journey of six poets traveling to seven turbulent worlds. This effort is a collage of voices, poetry, origins, intentions, stories, and journeys. During the voyages, they are condemned to live flesh and soul experiences that evoke the feelings of loss, love, madness, identity, inspiration, and finally, the invitation to create a new world, the life statement of each poet.

This proposal combines individual and collective poetic spaces. Before entering each world, the poets, like rhizomes, intertwine and branch off, each one talks their life experience and tensions with the Voice. The Voice challenges the poets to enter seven worlds; once there, each poet reflects the emotion of that world through a poem.

These poets delve into their past, their individual lives and communities to enrich others, “To share memories, to redeem the past, to cheer on the present, and to transform the ones who are not afraid to cry.”