About us

What is ArtSí Charlotte?
Latino arts and culture in Charlotte

ArtSí Charlotte

Is a community initiative that advances the Latino arts and culture in Charlotte and that facilitates connections with the Charlotte arts community at large. Our vision is that ArtSí will be woven into the entire community’s cultural life providing the platform for Latinos in the arts to be a larger voice in Charlotte.

ArtSí is run by volunteers, it serves a membership base of over 200 individuals and our work is supported in part by a group of cultural and educational institutions.

How do we achieve our goals?

ArtSí Charlotte offers the following opportunities to Latino artists, organizations and other community members interested in promoting the Latino art and culture in the city:

  • Professional development and cultural opportunities offered to members only.
  • Informal networking opportunities open to the community.
  • A premier virtual resource center to share relevant information and nurture cultural collaborations.
  • Con A de Arte – A is for Art: Annual event that highlights excellence of Hispanic/Latino art (visual, performing and literary) in the city.
  • On-line artistic directory featuring artists from different disciplines members of ArtSí.

How can you get involved?

if you are an artist and/or if you are an art supporter who believes in this movement, you can become a member by filling out a quick membership application to let us know more about yourself, your art and your interests. Membership is FREE. Once you authorize it, members of ArtSí are listed in a public on-line directory that will be promoted broadly among art and cultural institutions and groups. CLICK HERE AND BECOME A MEMBER TODAY

You can also become an ArtSí volunteer. Volunteers can support ArtSí in many different ways: from representing ArtSí at festivals and cultural events to engaging new members and helping with photography, graphic design and other promotional needs. Contact us and let us if you are interested in any volunteering opportunities.

Or just join us and visit with us in our upcoming events. Visit the calendar of events to find out what is coming next!

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