ArtSí Charlotte offers the following opportunities

to Latino artists, organizations and other community members interested in promoting the Latino art and culture in the city:

Networking Opportunities

ArtSí Charlotte members have networking opportunities to connect with other artists in the community as well as with others able to support the artistic community (financially and otherwise). In 2014, ArtSí is launching a new initiative called: “Cafecito with ArtSí”, an opportunity to spend more time in community, learning about each other’s projects, sharing call to artists, events, professional development opportunities and much more. So be on the look for this informal event once a month and connect with ArtSí with “un cafecito”.

Collaborations with Cultural and Art Organizations and Groups

ArtSí Charlotte establishes collaborations with other artistic organizations and groups in Charlotte. Often, these organizations inquire about our artist directory requesting referrals and/or they offer exclusive opportunities for our members to showcase their work or participate in professional development and cultural experiences.

Con A de Arte – A is for Art

Con A de Arte – A is for Art is ArtSí Charlotte’s signature event. This is an annual celebration that showcases the excellence of Hispanic Arts and Culture in Charlotte. There is an array of artistic mediums from storytelling, dance and poetry to film making, photography, visual art and live music. Since 2009, ArtSi is presenting this traditional event that draws thousands of people who have come to learn about the work of different Latino artists in the Charlotte area.

A Premier Virtual Resource Center Nurturing Cultural Collaborations

ArtSí Charlotte is an important information center. Great opportunities for local artists are posted in our Facebook page, Twitter and announced via e-mail. Members are also encouraged to share information about their artistic efforts and upcoming events.

Also, ArtSí counts with an electronic calendar to include relevant events; events that either highlight Latino culture and arts and/or offer professional opportunities for artists in our community.

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